santa claws (liptonteaser) wrote in mummified,
santa claws

Boston Shake

Yesterday i heard the ice cream truck rolling down my block, and i got a total craving for a strawberry boston shake! I live in latino neighborhood, and the ice cream man out here is a real ice cream man! None of that pre packaged bombpop shits (although the strawberry shortcake and almond crunchs are the shit), strickly real sundaes, cones, and shakes. Usually i dont eat dairy stuff, cause it totally messes up my asthma, but i just got it in my head that i needed a strawberry boston shake. So i run out, and realize it is pouring rain, but i said fuck it and stood out there getting soaked for the 5 mins that this total thug ice cream man took trying to find the peanuts. As i was looking round the icecream truck i noticed a garbage can full of empty 40 oz.'s and laughed on the inside thinking bout the ice cream man keeping it gangsta while making sundaes for kids. I thought it was pretty cool.

As i went in i tried sucking thru the straw, but nothing was coming out! So i figured it was just totally thick and let it sit for a few minutes. After the minutes past, still nothing! Then i realized that the straws were completely bent shut in the other side, and realized ive been had! DAMN YOU THUG ICE CREAM MAN!

ps thug icecream man makes one hell of a a boston shake!
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